Friday, July 9, 2010

Super-quick brews?

I just finish watching ITV’s Men Brewing Badly.  Men Brewing Badly is a 5-part mini-series based on the 2010 soccer world cup.  Neil Morrissey and Richard Fox are brewers who try and help the English team by bringing a batch of their own beer to Africa.  The plan is to drive 3000 miles from Dar Es Salaam to Rustenburg for the first English match, throwing a party for the England fans the evening before.

The brought a lot of beer with them but proceeded to either drink it or give it all away before they got to their final destination.  Eventually they managed to make it to South Africa, beerless, 5 days before the big party.  They manage to convince the South African Breweries to make a couple kegs of their english ale based on their recipes.

5 Days from grain to fully carbed up beer?  Surely that’s not enough time.

A quick google search yields typical quick-brews come in at 10 days from grain to glass, so 5 days to get going?  I suppose it’s possible: 4 days fermentation, 1 day force carbing with the shaking and rocking and crash cooling during this step.  It’d be interesting to try a speed-brew like this…

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